Quotes from the Man and photos of the Mutt. Inspired by Langworth's, Churchill By Himself: The Definitive Collection of Quotations.

Things on Winston's Head


If it looks like a work of art, then it is a work of art! W.C.


I picked up a wide vocabulary and had a liking for words and for the feel of words fitting and falling into their places like pennies in the slot. W.C.

Promises, political

Nothing would be more dangerous than for people to feel cheated because they had been led to expect attractive schemes which turn out to be economically impossible. W.C.


Everything trends towards catastrophe & collapse. I am interested, geared up & happy. Is it not horrible to be built like that? W.C.


The coffee in the United States is admirable, and a welcome contrast to the anaemic or sticky liquid which judicious Americans rightly resent in English provincial towns. W.C.


It is the misfortune of a good many Members to encounter in our daily walks an increasing number of persons armed with cameras to take pictures for the illustrated Press which is so rapidly developing. W.C.


First of all, grin, or, as they say, "smile." There is nothing like it. W.C.