Quotes from the Man and photos of the Mutt. Inspired by Langworth's, Churchill By Himself: The Definitive Collection of Quotations.


Let us treasure our joys but not bewail our sorrows. W.C.

(How to "let go"? Walk in Point Defiance Park in an autumn drizzle and laugh when your dog jumps into a pond knowing full well you have no towels in your car.)


Of course I'm an egoist. Where do you get if you aren't? W.C.


Ah! Yes! I know: town planning - densities, broad vistas, open spaces. Give me the romance of the 18th-century alley, with its dark corners, where footpads lurk. W.C.


As the man whose mother-in-law had died in Brazil replied, when asked how the remains should be disposed of, "Embalm, cremate, and bury. Take no risks!" W.C.


Revenge is, of all satisfactions, the most costly and long drawn-out; retributive persecution is, of all policies, the most pernicious. W.C.

The Arts

Ill fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the reverence and delight which are their due. W.C.